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A Railfan Report 6/3/09

June 7, 2009

On Tuesday 6/2/09 RailfanHunter decided to go to a well known Californian train watching location, Union Pacific’s Haggin Junction in Sacramento. Haggin was originally just a flyover between the Southern Pacific and the Western Pacific with the SP on the upper line and the WP on the lower line. After the UP/WP merger in 1982, Haggin became a small interchange yard between the UP and the SP. After the UP/SP merger in 1996, and after UP completely absorbed SP in 1999, Haggin became a wye and junction between Union Pacific’s Martinez and Sacramento Subdivisions. Haggin in the morning hours is great for BNSF fans because of BNSF run-throughs on the Sacramento Sub. It is great for intermodal fans in the afternoon hours, because of heavy UP intermodal traffic over both subdivisions. The Sacramento Subdivision will see more action than the Martinez Subdivision on a daily basis, because the Sacramento Sub is a major line for intermodal traffic over the UP, and is also a major line for the BNSF, so it can transfer to its own tracks (BNSF Stockton Subdivision) at Keddie Junction in Stockton. The Sacramento Sub runs from Stockton – Oroville, and the Martinez Sub runs from Roseville – San Jose. I saw 12 trains during my trip to Haggin; two of which were BNSF freights, four Amtrak Capitols, six UP freights, and a UP highrailer.

It was a great day out at the junction.

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