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The 57th Redwood Valley Railway Meet- Friday

June 8, 2009

The morning began with the clearing of brush from the right-of-way in the morning and final preporations were made for the arrival of our fellow railroader’s camper trailers to arrive up at the shops. When I arrived at noon, we ate lunch and then gathered firewood for the vertical boilered one spot geared steam locomotive.

The One Spot arrived in a dualy ford pickup and was carefully unloaded from the back of the truck using specially built bridge rails. Fortunately it was loaded without a problem and was rolled directly onto the rails.

Then the fun (at least for me) began. I had a chance to spend most of the day operating the #2, a Gasoline-Hydraulic locomotive. We headed to to barn 1 to switch out the cars needed for the two revenue trains that will operate on Saturday and Sunday. We also collected a bunch of four-wheel two-axle “jimmies” that are typically used for MOW service for the tiny #18, an 0-4-0 locomotive, to haul around during the weekend.

As the day turned to afternoon, more people began to show up and help with our operations. While moving the coal gon full of chairs, we discovered a mouse in the gondola, as we unloaded more and more chairs the little guy shot around the gon frantically. We picked up his mouse nest and placed it in the brush. Next, we had to try to grab the mouse! We had four people herding it around the gondola, and eventually one of our youngest members grabbed ahold of it, but it broke loose and flew out of his hands and flew past me onto the ground.

We set up for a nice sit-down meal as the sun began to set, and afterwards Myself and a young volunteer took the gasoline-hydraulic locomotive out for a night ride! He handled the first run with professional skill, and I took the second train out, with a smooth ride had by all. Both times we stopped at the other end of the railroad, which has an incredible view of berkeley, richmond, and marin county in the distance. The second ride saw the moon rising just above the locomotive and I snapped the shot below.

After the second run, I deposited the riding car at Euke siding and took the flatcar, boxcar and locomotive up to the shop spur, where I spent the night inside the boxcar with my sleeping bag on the cool summer night.

The number two sits on Euke siding.

The gasoline-hydraulic number two site on Euke siding (known for a grove of eucyluptus trees that once stood there 35 years ago before they were removed for fire danger reasons and replaced with Redwood trees, which are living quite healthfully.)

RVRY #2 sits in the pocket track at Army Camp
RVRY #2 sits in the pocket track at Army Camp.

One spot being unloaded from the pickup truck

The one spot is being unloaded from the pickup truck, slowly and carefully!

A visiting railroader arrives with his 15
A visiting railroader arrives with his 15″ gauge speeder.

Running the night passenger extra

Piloting the two around the railroad on the first night ride.

The Vista from the other end of the railroad.
The view from “snake rock” looking at Richmond and Marin County in the distance.

Looking out at the moon.

The view out of the boxcar

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