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Redwood Valley Meet 6/6/09

June 9, 2009

On Saturday 6/6/09, I and the webmaster were at the Redwood Valley Railway’s annual meet. There were 3 visiting locomotives, along with the usual roster operating. I spent most of my time on the vertical-boiler 1-Spot, which I also got to operate. There were two public trains operating, one of which was a doubleheader. I also had the task of moving tables and chairs from the shops to the roundhouse, all the major moves of the supplies were done with the 1-Spot shunting a flatcar around. When the wood that was brought with the 1-Spot to the railroad was getting low, we hooked the it up to a four-wheel wagon (known as jimmies on the RVRY) and went up to the shop, and with the help of several other people, the old rotten wood pile next to the shops was put to good use. After the wood was in the car, Jay (owner of the 1-Spot), asked who hadn’t ran it yet, and everbody but me had, so I had the chance to take the controls of the locomotive, and I ran it back and forth for a few laps.

This by far was a great day, and for me, a very memorable experience.

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