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A Railfan Report 6/23/09

June 29, 2009

(Delayed due to vacation, the SP Turntable article will appear monday)

On Monday 6/22/09 RailfanHunter went to Haggin Junction to catch 2 special trains in one day. The first train of the day and the only train I saw on the Sacramento Sub that day was a northbound BNSF manifest lead by 4 BNSF Heritage II C44-9W’s, one of which had its paint peeling near the roof. The next train was the eastbound California Zephyr Train #6. P42DC’s 85 and 65 were leading the train, which also had a baggage car in Amtrak’s Phase III paint. Next up was westbound San Joaquin Train #701, which was lead by CDTX F59PHI #2004. A few minutes after the passage of 701, other railfans started to show up, which told me that the specials would be rolling through at any minute. I relocated to a different area of the wye to get better angles of the specials. About 3 minutes after I had adjusted my tripod, the Disney Christmas Carol train came into view. after making a slow runby past my camera, the train took the wye, to be turned to go westbound toward San Francisco. As Christmas Carol train was finishing up it’s turnaround at the wye, and was on the west leg preparing to switch back onto the mainline to start its westbound journey to San Francisco, the UP passenger special came into view. I sat at a red signal while the Christmas Carol train cleared the block. After the Christmas Carol train cleared, we wondered why the passenger special hadn’t moved yet, and according to the scanner infomation, the crew on the special was arguing with the railroad museum if they should be wyed, or just roll on through the junction. While this argument was going on we heard the dispatcher direct the ZNPOA intermodal through Haggin and that he did, as it came roaring out from behind the special passing through the interlocking and putting on an awesome show as it headed for Oakland. About five minutes passed before a decision was made with the special and the museum. It was Decided the the special would not wye, but instead bypass the wye, and head into the museum locomotive first. The special was headed by a clean SD70M and had 6 UP passenger cars in tow.

It was a great day for railfanning at the wye.

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