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Adding a Roof to our G scale Engine House

July 21, 2009

So now that the walls have been built, it’s time to add a roof to the frame we built in the first installment. We’re using 3/8″ plywood for the roof, held with Titebond and finishing nails.

begining the roof

Once both sides have been glued on, there will be a gap in the center of the building, this is on purpose as we’ll be adding a clerestory roof to this building as seen in the cover photo.

gap in the roof for the clerestory

Fill in the cap of the roof with small lumber cut to fit, filled with wood filler and sanded flush.

roof cap

Now that the roof cap has been built on BOTH ends with a 1/4″ interior overhang in the clerestory, it’s time to actually build the clerestory.


Figure out the pitch (angle) of the roof and cut two end pieces to match them, then cut the sides and bevel the bottom edge to match the slope of the roof.

unpainted engine house

Now attach the two roof boards you cut and beveled the interior edge to the clerestory roof frame. but we’re not done yet, the final step can be done in a number of ways.

Roof Cap

To prevent direct water/snow contact you need to cap the roof to prevent the building from water leakage. You can go classic and shingle the roof and use split shingles to cap the roof. You can roll tar-paper over the top of the roof. You could do the entire roof in scale corrugated metal and cap the roof with some copper, or you could carefully cut a piece of 1X1″ lumber into an “L” shape and mount it on the roof like we have here.

G scale engine house overall shot unpainted

Stay tuned for priming, painting and the addition of hardware.

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