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A Railfan Report

July 28, 2009

On Monday 7/20/09 I went to Binney Junction in Marysville, CA to do some railfanning with a friend. Binney Junction is a diamond where the WP (now UP Sacramento Sub) and the SP (now UP Valley Sub) cross each other. The first train I saw at Binney was a southbound BNSF manifest heading south on the Sacramento Sub, it had one GEVO and two C44-9W’s, the 2nd C44-9W was a treat, because it was still in Santa Fe Warbonnet paint. The next 2 trains were southbound UP manifests, and both were on the Valley Sub. The next, and last train to pound the diamond on the Sacramento Sub was a southbound UP stack train, which was lead by an SD70M. After the stack train came the “Rocklin Rocket” which was a local that used to run from Roseville – Ostrom, but it now runs from Roseville – Oroville, it was southbound and was transferring from the Sacramento Sub to the Valley Sub. After the Rocket came the southbound “Redding Turn,” which is a train that runs from Roseville – Redding and return, the train was lead by a GEVO. The next train was a northbound manifest, and was lead by a GEVO. After that came 2 back to back northbound intermodals, and they were both lead by GEVOs, and that would be it for us, and it was time to call it quits, so we went home.

It was a great day at the diamond.

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