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Small Downtown Buildings For Your Layout

October 30, 2009

Just thought for Friday I’d give you some ideas for downtown structures for your model railroad, all buildings still exist as of 2009. Take a close look at the pipes, vents, boarded up windows, painted signs and unique architectural detail that would make a striking model in any era.

poorly modernized brick storefront

Here’s an example of a poorly modernized storefront in Crockett, Calif. The freight door has destroyed a more formal entrance and bricked up the remaining space. Not beautiful, but realistic.

IOOF hall in Crockett

Here’s a more dilapidated I.O.O.F hall in Crockett, note the boarded up blanked windows along the side.

Downtown Crockett California
Here’s the main downtown portion of Crockett, a classic little downtown that’s very modelgenic.

Historic Oakland MJB Coffee
Here’s some 1880’s era victorian storefronts in Oakland, Calif.

Oakland Downtown
Another view in the same location..

Chinese buiilding in Oakland
Here’s an interesting Chinese style structure just a few blocks away.

Ceramic Tile Art Deco Storefront

Here’s a ceramic tiled Art Deco storefront from the 1920’s. What an amazing building it would make on your layout if you could figure out how to scratchbuild it.

1915 era brick hotel in Oakland
Here’s a classic Brick hotel that was built circa 1915. The painted sign and the neon sign below are nice touches.

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  1. November 6, 2009 8:14 pm

    Great Pictures of urban decay -really like it- like the stuff along RT 1 in maryland, NJ, PA

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