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Weathered Locomotives for Sale (Take 2)

January 5, 2010

I thought I’d share a Pair of locomotives I’m selling on eBay this week. All are weathered using photographs of the real counterpart locomotives.
Weathered Southern Pacific F3A in HO

Representing an F3A later in it’s life, this weathered cab unit soldiers on in revenue service, hopefully on your layout. It’s an Intermountain model that’s superheavy and can pull plenty of freight cars, and it’s also DCC ready. Couple it up to one of SP’s famous “overnite” trains or just a mixed freight or local, it’s a great general purpose locomotive. These F units lasted with the Black Widow paint longer than most other diesels on the SP. Note the completely weathered underframe and fading silver paint.   Auction ends 5:00 PST Sunday Jan 10th, 2010

Santa Fe GP60 weathered

This Santa Fe GP60 was weathered and faded using actual photographs of the REAL Santa Fe #150. Stick it on the head end of your intermodal or piggyback trains heading west! Auction ends 5:00 PST Sunday Jan 10th, 2010

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