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A Modern Engine House and Diesel Locomotive Servicing Facility

February 2, 2010

Modern Engine Shed
Located at Alameda Naval Base, in Alameda, California; this small three-stall concrete engine house could be just what your model railroad could use for a nice, small but more than adequate locomotive servicing facility for your small roster of Diesel Locomotives.

Alameda Naval Base Locomotive Machine Shop

The Construction is very sturdy, simple and elegant. Its thick concrete walls are board-cast concrete. There are two rows of clerestory windows that run the length of the building perpendicular to the triple entrance doors. The building used to have rails enter all three stalls, and there’s a machine shop annex on both sides of the open part of the Engine house devoted to locomotive storage. The building looks long enough to store 2 EMD, Baldwin or ALCo switchers end to end on each track, with an obvious total capacity of 6 units.
Painting of Alameda Naval Base Engine House

The three tall doors are located on both ends of the building, so basically there’s a three-way switch on both ends of the building fanning out to three tracks and becoming single track in both directions from the building.

It would make a fun and relatively easy building to scratchbuild as there aren’t any ground level windows to worry about except on the north side, just the clerestory windows in the roof otherwise. It’s modern and clean appearance are perfect for those not wanting a hopelessly outdated wooden engine house, an instantly recognizable brick kit or a rickety tin engine shed.

If you do end up scratchbuilding it, send me photos and I’ll post them up here in this article.

Here’s views of the building from all 4 angles and the roof.

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