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Weathered On30 2-Truck Climax

April 14, 2010

Another recently completed project for a client of mine, a Climax with a backwoods miniatures gypsy winch and “dress-up” kit fitted. This nicely proportioned logging locomotive has been weathered to reflect regular use out in the backwoods and isn’t too heavily weathered or over weathered like most narrow gauge modelers tend to do.

The entire locomotive is lightly sunfaded in a dark gray as opposed to black, and the under frame has been given a good layer of dirt and rust. The Cab has been detailed and painted with brass glass gauges and piping, the Winch itself was painted with a mix of Neolube from P-B-L and black paint. The Neolube chemically blackens the metal parts by covering them in a layer of graphite, and it works quite well. The wood grain on the side of the tender was hand painted.

Bachmann On30 Climax
Climax Locomotive
Bachmann DCC equipped climax with Tsunami Sound
Climax Backwoods Logging Locomotive Weathering
Climax with Backwoods Miniatures Gypsy Winch and Snowplow Kit

The Plow is another project, which will be featured in the near future. It’s also a backwoods miniatures kit sitting on Chiver’s Finelines Trucks.

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