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The Deadline Chronicles.

April 26, 2010

Two locomotives sit on either end of their lifespan. On the left is Mission Valley & Pacific #3, a stately 4-6-0 built in 1898; on the right is the future Yosemite Valley #22.

The Mission Valley & Pacific received the 4-6-0 second hand from a railroad in Indiana, and the shop forces converted it to oil, trimmed it in brass and centered the headlight on the smokebox. She pulled passenger trains for most of her career before succumbing to boiler issues. She had a nasty short, destroying 3 decoders in the process, and nearly cooked a tsunami decoder as well. This week, she was stripped of all added details and is to be sent to Bachmann for a complete rebuilding.


This is what she looked like in better days, fresh out of the shop with Oil-burning details, and converted tender and headlight.

On the other hand is the future Yosemite Valley #22, a Spectrum 4-4-0 destined to handle traffic on the newest modeling incarnation of the fabled Yosemite Valley. She is sitting in the back shops awaiting a set of air pumps and plumbing amongst other improvements before it’s off to the paint shops to be given a nice coat of sun-faded black and some sharp lettering.
Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0 HO Scale DCC

Here’s her sister locomotive in a builder’s photo showing stock configuration.

They’ll never run on the same rails together again, I suspect, so thus the memorable photograph before they part ways. Hopefully in the future the rebuilt #3 will be able to share the rails with Yosemite Valley #22 when needed to haul those summer tourists up from Merced into the National Park.

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