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Future Retro: A New Quartet of ‘Heritage’ Locomotives

May 5, 2010

One of my friends, Larry had 4 undecorated KATO F40PH’s and decided he wanted to do something unique with them, he wanted to create a new set of heritage units, so in a quest to choose a selection of locomotives that haven’t ever been done before, he choose the CB&Q, the GM&O and the Chicago Great Western.
F40 heritage locomotives
CB&Q Heritage locomotive

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Heritage Locomotive

The Idea started with the CB&Q units, he wanted a pair of locomotives to pull his Zephyr consist besides the F3’s PA’s and F7’s that the original train utilized.

Chicago Great Western Heritage Locomotive

However the first one to roll out of the paint shop was this Chicago Great Western unit, definitely an unusual choice and one you normally wouldn’t see anybody doing today. This modern depiction of the scrappy granger road looks quite stylish in the maroon and burgundy.
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Heritage Unit

This Gulf, Mobile & Ohio heritage unit was the last off the line, but was another choice that was decided because he noticed that not many people bother to model the GM&O. It looks pretty striking how the GM&O’s distinctive black & white scheme translated so well onto the blocky lines of the F40.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Heritage Locomotive.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy had the “blackbird” paintscheme on its freight units in the fifties with the classic “everywhere west” slogan adorning the sides of the locomotive. The thin yellow & red striping really adds a lot to the look of the locomotive.

Last, but not least is the most striking one of them all, the CB&Q Zephyr scheme. It looks absolutely stunning on this second-generation passenger locomotive, if only one of these existed in real life.

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  1. May 11, 2010 12:09 pm

    Those are Fantastic! With all the heritage units running round out there, this makes total sense, and it’s a lot less “foobie” then it once would have been. Being a ICG fan, I am partial to the GM&O scheme – that looks like a great modern shortline. Well done.

  2. orfedj permalink
    November 19, 2010 7:35 pm

    Any idea what he used for the CGW maroon????

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