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Help your operators… the Prototype Way

June 17, 2010

Let’s say you’re operating your layout with a group of people and you have a complicated track arrangement for the operators to navigate. What track is track 1? Maybe you don’t have a drawing done yet, maybe you don’t have the labels on the control panel printed and installed. Maybe you have new operators.

clearance marking

Lots of people are familiar with this kind of mark on the tracks. These denote the point where a train is clear of the main track, otherwise know as a clearance point.

Track Label

This photo comes from Martinez, CA. There are 4 tracks here coming off “the bridge” and headed past the Amtrak station and on to some industry, then East. The prototype railroads in the area seem to have decided to simply label the tracks. Of course, the labels are upside down and most likely not readable by the train crews, but on a layout, something like this could help your operators find the right track in a tricky spot.


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