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ERIE #20 ALCo/GE/I-R Boxcab Diesel

February 22, 2011

Built for a client, this is part of the custom built boxcab locomotives I offer at The Weathering Man. It’s utilizing the old MDC boxcab shell, with the grabirons shaved off and replaced with wire. The Modified exhaust is scratchbuilt. Unusually enough I used a 3D modeling program used by industrial designers to create prototype parts to build the custom frame that sits atop a Bachmann 70tonner chassis. To add that extra touch, I installed Tsunami Sound (which you can hear below) I tried to match the Ingersol-Rand 6 cylinder prime mover by using the Baldwin 608NA (normally aspirated, e.g. non-turbo) prime mover sound. The side frames are from AMB Laserkit, and are exactly the same as those used on both the boxcabs and their contemporary electric cousins.

Decorating the Boxcab was simple and hard at the same time. While it’s extremely simple to paint the shell flat black, the end stripes were QUITE a difficult task considering the decals I used weren’t cooperating with the irregular surface (even after a ton of Micro-sol) The entire locomotive is very lightly weathered and sealed with flat finish.
ERIE Boxcab locomotive

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