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Free-Mo Module: Scenery Part 1 – The old Victorian House.

March 24, 2011

Second Empire Woodland Scenics HO scale house.

On the far right side of my 8′ pair of modules sits an old Victorian Second-Empire house. Usually, I’d scratchbuild a structure, matching a prototype for such a prominent house, but time dictated that I use the new Woodland Scenics ready-to-plop offering, which is actually a very fine example of this style of architecture. Like most buildings made by model railroad companies, it’s a bit small for it’s type, but I have found some examples in the midwest and one house in San Jose that match the footprint of this building, so I wasn’t too apprehensive. I may add a kitchen, bathroom and solarium off the back of the building if time warrants, since the house has barely enough space for a couple of rooms upstairs and down. It is incredibly nicely finished though, and all the lovely details make it a fun structure to command a corner of my modules.

The retaining wall in the front of the lot was scratchbuilt in place with styrene sheet and embossed styrene stones. The stairs were also scratchbuilt from 0.060″ styrene. It also marks one of the few appropriate times to use WS fine green foam, as a mowed front lawn! Other plants were made from clump foliage and silflor.

Eventually a Carriage house will replace my California hay barn in the back lot. I used static grass to represent the part of the lot not mowed. I eventually may add some higher grass and ground cover to blend it in further.

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  1. Dunc permalink
    April 2, 2011 2:09 am

    Nice presentation. I love the retaining wall and the rock lined flower gardens. The barn is nice also. This house is typical of some of the ones around my area and I also live in a big yellow Victorian that has been scratchbuilt in HO scale by another local modelrailroader.

    This looks like a very nicely detailed and cast kit (or built up?) and I am sure that a matching Carriage House would certainly do the scene justice. Thanks for sharing your module.

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